Reader Participation Day: Where Is the Best Boardwalk In the National Park System?

Is the boardwalk that winds through the Norris Geyser Basin at Yellowstone National Park the best in the National Park System? Or is it the one along the Sand Point Trail at Olympic National Park? Top photo Kurt Repanshek, bottom photo Bryan Bell, NPS.

There are many boardwalks to be found throughout the National Park System, from more than a few in Yellowstone National Park to a nice one in Olympic National Park. But where is the best one, in your opinion?

Is it one that winds through Congaree National Park, or perhaps those at Fire Island National Seashore, or maybe at Everglades National Park?

Tell us, travelers.


I vote for the ones in Yellowstone National Park like you show in your top picture. While walking on them years ago, and still today, I wonder how they were perilously built!

National parks shouldn't have boardwalks.

It's hard to beat the boardwalk at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. Beautifully engineered, using the natural rock staircases when it can, and surrounded by amazing peaks and mountain goats.

I rather like the redwood-lined boardwalk at Muir Woods NM. It was made from recycled lumber from an old building. I understand it was constructed in order to give small animals a place to walk, when they otherwise would have avoided the paved path where people were.

I certainly agree that Yellowstone has some amazing boardwalks, but it's almost too obvious. The boardwalk at Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic NP is lesser known.

How about Mahogany Hammock Trail at Everglades NP? They have a variety of different boardwalks in the park, but I liked this one.

There was this one boardwalk set up as an alligator viewing area at Big Cypress National Preserve. I certain saw a few gators there, but what really surprised me is where the boardwalk ended, there were picnic tables. Just don't bring a small dog. ;)

Several come to mind; the start of the "narrows in Zion, "trail of Cedars" in Glacier, and "uncle tom's trail" in Yellowstone.

I love every boardwalk I've been on in Yellowstone, but since I can't pick just one from there, I'm going to go with the nature trail boardwalk at the Carbon River Entrance to Mt. Rainier. It's one of my favorite places on the planet.

Ha. The captcha for this comment is "Local Trusures." Looks like a typo for my choice [g].

The best boardwalk is on the Tanawha Trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It takes you up to some fantastic views and faces Grandfather Mountain. The top the boardwalk is way over 4,000 ft.


There is pretty nice boardwalk over a meadow in Yosemite Valley. I don't know if it's strictly needed for safety, but I suppose it reduces the potential trampling of the meadow by people crossing.

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