National Park Mystery Spot 37: Tall Is Too Small

National Park Mystery Spot 37 is a unit of the National Park System . If you can tell us which it is, you will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

"Tall is too small," the barista said,
"Starbucks recommends the medium instead. "

What Hoover hammered out of the park
Was a curveball with a generous arc.

The Venus you see through your naked eye's lense
Shines like a star that has no friends.

We'll reveal the answer and explain the clues in tomorrow's Traveler.


You're being too literal. Searching for Starbuck's terminology in a list of Unit names won't get it done. You have to use fuzzy (very fuzzy) logic to keep up with Kurt & Bob.

Lake Roosevelt NRA?


Sorry Rick, not Lake Roosevelt. And tomp2, we have absolutely NO idea what you mean!

We need to clarify something here. Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument has been submitted as an answer several times today, but it is not a unit of the National Park System It is co-managed by the National Park Service (with BLM), and the part of Grand Canyon-Parashant that the Park Service manages is a component of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

ILoveRoadTrips has nailed it. Good work.

Not Great Basin National Park.

Thanks for the hint Tomp! My brain is rather fuzzy by now so that might help. But I still have no clue so here comes another random guess...Tonto NM! (And since tonto means "dumb" it is completely fitting to how I feel)

The Quizmeister has been known to slip in a puzzle now and then that requires syllogistic reasoning.

Alas, RangerLady, it's not Tonto National Monument. In fact, the mystery spot is not a National Monument at all. And it isn't in Arizona, either.

Well I'm throwing in the towel. Work is over and I'm heading to my internet-less home. Congrats quizmeister....I'm probably going to cry tonight.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument?

I'm not too late am I?

I think this may be the first time I've ever been congratulated for making a woman cry. Didn't mean to. Honest!

Not too late, and not Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Try further south. A lot further south.

It's a pleasure to welcome Eric and Joy to the winners circle. That makes an even dozen.

Is it Hoover Dam

Is it Sequoia Natl Pak, Kings Canyon or Hoover Dam

Not Sequoia National Park or Kings Canyon National Park. Hoover Dam is not a unit of the National Park System.