National Park Mystery Spot 43: The January Sky

National Park Mystery Spot 43 is a national park. Name it and you’ll be eligible for for our monthly prize drawing.

Here are all the clues you should need to identify this mystery spot:

The January sky shimmers above the cold circle.

A4 and B4 each have a door
That people line up before.

Brothers with suits.

Bonus clue, no extra charge: Bill, with Paul, started up very small, and ended up rich and famous.

Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.

No cheating!

If we catch you engaged in sneakery, we will make you help prune the ficus trees in Traveler’s topiary garden.


It's a pleasure to welcome Grella and GeorgeS to the Winners Circle Club. (Sorry for the tardy vetting.) Who's next?

You've nailed it, Hailsham. That makes three. There are some new or very infrequently seen names here. That's great, of course, but where are the regulars?

Denali National Park?

Good job, jchappell740. Glad to have you back in the Winners Circle.

Not Denali National Park.

Looks like Bob M and Ranger Dave have entered the building...

Caprice Kutz and viewmtn have figured it out. No surprise there. Welcome back to the Winners Circle.

Good job, celbert; you're in. Let me know when you figure out those other clues.

Connier has nailed it. Good job.

Good job,Steve Heraly. Don't recall seeing you in the Winners Circle before, so we'll extend an especially hearty welcome.

Welcome back, richp39. The Winners Circle is getting crowded.

Welcome to the Winners Circle Club, Ggggary4. Where on earth did you get a cyberhandle like that?!

Hey, Eric, what took you so long?! Winners Circle stalwarts are expected to check in early. ;o)

Move over, guys and gals. You need to make room for Jim Haggerty in the Winners Circle. Good job, Jim.

Now that Eric Nelson has entered the building, I think the party will have to move to the mezzanine level...or the quizmeister's backyard!

BTexan and Yellowstone Ed have nailed it too. Good job.

You're right, tomp2. Congratulations.

David Crowl has finally checked in to the Winners Circle. Where ya been, David? We were about to put out an APB.

Good work, Celbert. Take your usual place in the Winners Circle, where you will find yourself in good company. Be kind to the newbies.

Welcome to the Winners Circle, erpelding. Just follow the well beaten path to the front door.

Congratulations and a hearty Winners Circle welcome to Rangertoo, who may use the front entrance, and to Bergie, who must use the servants entrance (check your spelling).


BrianD, get rid of the question mark and come on in! DakotaToni, take another swing at the pinata....

Ken, it is indeed! Come on in, but see if Bergie found a dictionary (or park map) so you can double-check your spelling.

C'mon in, ed-123, but tread quietly. I think the quizmeister is napping out on the pergola.

Um, that would be under the pergola, Kurt.

You mean you've finished it!?!

Good one.

RangerLady and s have put it together. Well done. Anybody else?

Sorry, JeffB; your answer arrived way past the deadline.