The Grand Canyon: A Quick Peek

The Grand Canyon is a hard place to envision without standing on one of its rims. NPS photo by Michael Quinn.

This short video gives you a quick overall of that hole in the ground known as the Grand Canyon.

Sure, it's just a trailer to a longer production, but it gives you a sense of why you should plan a trip to Grand Canyon National Park.

The video is a work of Orange Tree Productions. You can find more details, including purchase information, at this site.


The Grand Canyon is such a fun place to visit with your family. We've been during the summer months before, but in 2007 we decided to visit during the early spring and it was such a different experience. With light snow on the ground, cooler weather, and clouds rolling in and out of the canyon, it made for a great experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there! I would encourage people to consider visiting the park during non-typical times of the year to gain a slightly different perspective on it. Thanks!