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National Park Service Waived Policy To Allow Budweiser's Centennial Partnership

National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis waived agency policies against partnering with alcoholic beverage companies so the National Park Foundation could sign a multi-million-dollar agreement with Anheuser-Busch, a deal that provides Budweiser with valuable branding placements during the Park Service's centennial campaign.
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New Leases On Life For Hot Springs National Park

In this, the second of a two-part series on how the National Park Service manages its concessions, David and Kay Scott look at how facilities at Hot Springs State Park in Arkansas are being used for some untraditional purposes.

Concessions, Leases, And Adaptive Reuse In The National Parks

Just how does the National Park Service decide who will operate lodgings in the park system, and what uses are appropriate inside those facilities? In a two-part series, David and Kay Scott answer those questions.

Hot Springs National Park Coin & Stamp Set


Hot Springs National Park Coin & Stamp Set

This brilliant item showcases an uncirculated 2010 National Parks Quarter along with the vintage unused postage stamp featuring Hot Springs National Park. The colorful insert highlights this beautiful park and includes interesting facts and other educational features. The 4 x 6 inch hard acrylic case secures and protects the coin and postage stamp. The Hot Springs National Park Quarter is part of the U.S. Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters Program TM, and is the first quarter in the series. The park was established in 1832 and the quarter design proudly displays the ornate facade of the Hot Springs National Park headquarters with the foreground including an image of the fountain from which bubble the famous crystal-clear water of the hot springs. Actual stamp may vary based on availability.

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Hot Springs National Park Quarter Collection


Hot Springs National Park Quarter Collection

Many of the nation's collectors and American history enthusiasts seek the added value of a pristine uncirculated quarter from each mint. As circulated quarters continue to be difficult to find, these collections will become a premium item. These collections feature both a P and D minted quarter affixed to a 5"x5" trifold card packed with interesting information, fascinating history and vibrant images. These collections make the entire series fit seamlessly together creating a comprehensive and valuable treasure for families and collectors alike. The Hot Springs National Park Quarter’s reverse shows the ornate facade of the Hot Springs National Park headquarters. The foreground includes an image of the fountain from which bubble the famous crystal-clear water of the hot springs. Hot Springs National Park was established in 1832 and is the first quarter of 2010. The quarter will proudly display a depiction of Hot Springs National Park and is part of the U.S. Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters Program TM.

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Hot Springs National Park Signs Lease To Turn Bathhouse Into Microbrewery

A stately component of Bathhouse Row at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas is moving from soothing patrons with hot waters to slaking them with microbrews.

Visitors To Hot Springs National Park Spent Nearly $90 Million In The Area In 2010

How much is a national park worth? That's difficult to truly answer once you move beyond dollars and cents. But if you're sticking on the economic worth, you could say Hot Springs National Park is worth about $90 million to its surrounding communities.

Slain Mount Rainier National Park Ranger 9th In Park Service History To Be Murdered In Line of Duty

When Mount Rainier National Park law enforcement Ranger Margaret Anderson was shot and killed on New Year's Day, she became the ninth ranger in the history of the National Park Service to be murdered in the line of duty, according to Park Service records.

Reader Participation Day: Has The National Park Service Been Led Astray By Congress and Become A Catchall Agency?

Earlier this week we had a spirited discussion of whether the National Park Service needs to add a site to honor Cesar Chavez, who orchestrated the farm labor movement in the 1960s. That discussion nips at a larger question: Has Congress led the Park Service astray and turned it into a catchall agency?

National Park Quiz 92: Seconds

You can't take this quiz in just a few seconds, but if you invest a few minutes you'll find out if you know as much about seconds as you do about firsts.

The National Park System's Cultural-Historical Wing: America's Story in 10 Chapters

The more than 200 national parks established to preserve nationally significant cultural-historical resources "tell America's story" by interpreting about ten broad themes that increase our awareness and understanding of what American culture is and how it got that way.

Keeping Track So They're Never Forgotten: National Park Service Workers Who Died on The Job

The list is long, more than 200 names stretching over a century and then some. It's a somber one, as well, tracking the deaths of National Park Service employees from a wide range of fates, from heart attacks to rockfalls to cold-blooded murder.

National Park Quiz 86: Ringer III

Only nine of these ten statements are true. Can you tell which one is not?

U. S. Mint Announces Sites Selected for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program

West Virginia quarter.
The United States Mint has released the list of 56 sites to be featured in the upcoming America the Beautiful Quarters Program. The first five coins in the new series will be released next year. What locations made the list? There are some familiar names and perhaps a surprise or two.

There Won’t be Any “Hot Springs National Park Massage Parlor” on Ken Salazar’s Watch

The Park Service insists that Hot Springs, Arkansas is violating the NPS trademark by using “Hot Springs National Park” in the city logo. The city has said that’s baloney. Now Interior Secretary Salazar says that he wants to see the dispute resolved amicably without damaging the National Park brand.

Hot Springs Hoopla Goads Government

The National Park Service wants the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, to quit advertising itself in ways that blur the distinction between the city and Hot Springs National Park.

National Park Quiz 47: Spring

Spring arrived at 11:44 UT last Friday, March 20, so let’s make spring the key word for this week’s quiz. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 101 times: “The celestial coordinate system that employs the vernal equinox as the origin of the ecliptic longitude is known as the ecliptic coordinate system.”

National Park Designation is an Unholy Mess

With national park redesignation back in the news, this seems like a good time to remind Traveler readers just how nonsensical National Park System unit nomenclature has become. Why can’t Congress and the National Park Service put their heads together and come up with a designation system that actually makes sense?

Park History: Hot Springs National Park

If you just focus on its "national park" status, then today is the 87th birthday of Hot Springs National Park.
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