Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Tune Up Your Fiddles And Mandolins For The Tallgrass Prairie Fiddle Festival

Rosin up your bow and tune your mandolin, for the Tallgrass Prairie Fiddle Festival is coming to Homestead National Monument of America.

Returning Bison To Western Landscapes

With the Interior Department's recent report on how to restore bison to federal and tribal landscapes in the West, the following video about restoring bison to the West is worth a watch. It touches on how the National Park Service will have to look beyond traditional wildlife management practices and existing park boundaries.

National Water Trail Designated In Kansas, New Visitor Center Dedicated At Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

A National Water Trail has been designated in Kansas, bringing to nine the number of water trails that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has dedicated this year.

Traveler's View: Republican Presidential Contenders' Dim View of Federal Lands Is Short-Sighted

Though national parks, per se, haven't come up during any of the debates among the Republican presidential candidates, their statements on federal lands in general look down upon the public landscape.

National Park Mystery Photo 39 Revealed

An unusual display provides a vivid reminder that barbed wire fencing is a vital tool.

National Park Mystery Plant 17 Revealed

It helped if you knew where van Gogh was from.

Century Baby? Bison Calf Born at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve First Since Mid-1800s

While a bison recovery plan for Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve was just launched last fall, and with only 13 bison, the project recently marked a significant milestone with the birth of a calf.

National Park Mystery Spot 10 Revealed: It’s the Jones House at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

You can tour this rancher’s mansion, “a regal reminder of the day when cattle ranching was king,” when you visit Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in eastern Kansas.

On Bison Science, Bison Politics, and the Rebisoning of the West

A new IUCN publication reports on the status of wild and conservation-herd bison, makes bison conservation recommendations, and stirs controversy over emotion-charged issues such as the possible "rebisoning" of large areas of former bison range.

National Park Quiz 74: Ranches

Lots of land in the national parks once served ranch functions, and a good deal of it still does. Let’s see if you are up to speed in this subject area. Answers are at the end of the quiz. If we catch you peeking we’ll make you ride drag on the next cattle drive and see what “eating dust” really means.

National Park Quiz 73: Birds

You don’t need to be a hard-core birdwatcher to enjoy this quiz. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “The title of Havilah Babcock’s book ‘Jaybirds Go to Hell on Friday’ was inspired by a Negro folk tale.”

Bison Will Soon Roam Again at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Thirteen bison fresh from Wind Cave National Park will soon be released in Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Destined to become one of the preserve's main attractions, the charismatic animals restore an important element of biodiversity and historical character to a national park that was established to protect one of America’s last remaining large tracts of tallgrass prairie.

Accessibility in the National Park System

The other day I read a story about efforts at Cape Lookout National Seashore to install an ADA accessible ramp. And that got me to wondering about how accessible the National Park System is.
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Our Only Privately-Owned National Park Celebrates a Birthday and a Vital Conservation Easement

A new conservation easement has made today’s 12th anniversary celebration extra special at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, America’s only privately-owned national park. A buffer now protects three miles of the border, providing a big boost to the park’s prairie preservation efforts and helping to solidify the park’s reputation as a good neighbor.

National Park Quiz 1: Are You Centered?

Do you know where the national parks are located? This little quiz will test the accuracy of your National Park System “mental map.” The answers are at the end. No peeking!
Tallgrass Prairie; Jeremy Sullivan photo.A 3 minute video postcard from a recent visit to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas. Interpreters show the historic house, and lead us on a bus tour of the prairie. Follow along on a short hike as well.

Interpretation on the Tallgrass Prairie

Blue Flower on the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Owen Hoffman has just returned from a trip across Kansas. He has provided us with a detailed trip report from his visit to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. The wide open skies and history of the area piqued his interest, but the interpretive program on-site left something to be desired.
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