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NPS: National Park System Is An Economic Engine, And Valuable Carbon Dioxide Sink

Apr 22nd - 13:57pm | Alfred Runte

I would feel a whole lot better about this "carbon dioxide sink" business if Interior Secretary Jewell, et al., conceded that this applies to ALL open land, including the public lands surrounding the national parks currently targeted for massive, renewable energy projects. So, how about it, Secretary Jewell?

Tule Elk Deaths At Point Reyes National Seashore Bring Charges Of Mismanagement

Apr 22nd - 12:10pm | beachdumb

Or maybe the Feds should take a lesson from the State since they manage and have more experience with these populations then the Feds do. So you agree that the AMOYS are not unique to the Seashore. 

Apr 22nd - 10:41am | Buxton


Apr 22nd - 08:12am | beachdumb

unique to CHNS nesting birdsUnique? These birds are found all over VA and NC coastal regions. 

Apr 22nd - 08:10am | ecbuck

Because the bill's language is much more clear that the area was suppose to become Wilderness area with no oyster farm.Show me the language that said the oyster farm had to leave so that the area could become Wilderness. 

Apr 22nd - 06:14am | Buxton


Apr 22nd - 06:05am | Buxton

It is a symbolic fence intended to keep people from disturbing unique to CHNS  nesting birds, as specficed in that  Park's EL."and no development of the project or plan for the convenience of visitors shall be undertaken which would be incompatible with the preservation of the unique flora and fauna"

Apr 21st - 20:15pm | beachdumb

At Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina the Park Service has been castigated for fencing off large areas of beach to allow for nesting piping plovers, a threatened species.

Apr 21st - 16:00pm | beachdumb

Nothing should have been a surprise to the former tenants at Drakes Bay.If everyone knew this was going to happen then why did the expend so much effort to smear and deceive everyone? Why would they risk thier credibility? 

Apr 21st - 16:00pm | ecbuck

Yes, the lease was over but there was no reason it couldn't be renewed.  As explicitly stated by the bills sponsors, it was not their intent to kick the Oyster business out - ever. 

Apr 21st - 15:27pm | Buxton

Of course that isn't right. Blowing up people and pouring millions of gallon of crude in the gulf isn't right either, the world is full of wrongs.Nothing should have been a surprise to the former tenants at Drakes Bay.

Apr 21st - 14:58pm | beachdumb

In regards to the oyster farm, do you think its okay for the NPS to misrepresent the available scientific information? Does these ends justify the means?I can think of at least one other park where this was done, right Buxton? 

Apr 21st - 12:43pm | ecbuck

Their actions established their intent for me,I'll go with what they said they intended over your interpretation of their actions:

Apr 21st - 11:28am | tahoma

"More than a dozen of America’s national parks carry “grandfather clauses” that allow privately owned beef cattle to eat and trample national park resources while their owners pay just a token fee to lease these grazing privileges from the National Park Service.Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (CO)Buffalo National River (AR)

Apr 21st - 11:17am | Buxton

EcbuckTheir actions established their intent for me, which were designating the area as potential wilderness and setting a date for removing the main impediment from establishing it as a wilderness area. And I don't think the agreement should be ignored but I also think the elk should be allowed to go where they want to go. This will be one for the lawyers.

Apr 21st - 10:32am | ecbuck

So Ron, you think the agreement made with the ranchers should now just be ignored?

Apr 21st - 10:28am | rmackie

Agree Gary.

Apr 21st - 09:05am | ecbuck

if there wasn't some intentThe drafters of the legislation have publicly stated that was not their intent.Elk instead of cattle, why not.  Elk meat is much better for you. 

Apr 21st - 08:46am | Buxton

I don't know if it was "could" or "would". But I would wonder why Drakes was identified as potential wilderness and why a sunset date was established for the commercial enterprise if there wasn't some intent as to what Drakes was intended to become, namely a Wilderness Area.

Apr 21st - 08:19am | Gary Wilson

Elk should take precedence over cows in a National Park.  Not even a question, in my opinion.  Cows are all over the western and eastern USA.  They are everywhere, even in places where there is little water, and resources are scarce- but there they are and in numbers that far exceed the carrying capacity of the land.   An endangered species can not be associated with domesticated cattle.

Apr 21st - 08:17am | ecbuck

, which would become a wilderness area when the lease was upDrakes Estero "could" become a wilderness.  As I recall, there was no requirement.

Apr 21st - 06:17am | Buxton

From what I read the oyster farm was closed because the lease (think it was a 40 year lease) that was assigned to the original owners when the park was established had expired. 7 years before the lease was due to expire the original owners sold the lease, the new owners tried to get the lease extended and failed.

Apr 20th - 21:43pm | beachdumb

Feinstein called on the NAS to conduct an external review of the Park Service’s environmental studies.

Apr 20th - 20:41pm | Gary Wilson

Glad the oyster farm was shut down.  Now the estuary can become a wilder and more biologically diverse place, not just a farm harboring mostly a monoculture of non-native species.

Apr 20th - 19:35pm | beachdumb

Shutting down the oyster farm is another example of environmental ideological stupidity. 

Apr 20th - 17:02pm | Kurt Repanshek

For the record, EC, not taking a position on whether oyster farm should have been shut down.

Apr 20th - 17:00pm | ecbuck

Why are the ranches allowed to remain, but the oyster farm was shut down? It too was in business before the seashore was designated.

Apr 20th - 15:28pm | Kurt Repanshek

But in the end the ranches are located on national park lands, not private in-holdings. Taken along with the oyster farm, there's an interesting relationship between private businesses and NPS management at Point Reyes. Why are the ranches allowed to remain, but the oyster farm was shut down? It too was in business before the seashore was designated.

Apr 20th - 15:24pm | ecbuck

There are cows in a national park?? Are you kidding??No, there is a National Park on ranch land through an arrangement made before the Park existed.

Apr 20th - 15:13pm | gutz54

I don't think we got this story correct-- so they want to get rid of the elk in a National park so local ranchers can have more grass for their cows to eat-- in a National Park?? There are cows in a national park?? Are you kidding??

National Park Service Maintenance Backlog Approaching $11.5 Billion

Apr 22nd - 08:05am | ecbuck

Don't tell me - trickle-down is a compassionate and effective theory too, eh?Worked very well thirty years ago.  What has your socialism gotten you since?

Apr 22nd - 00:02am | Rick B.

Wow, and you tea guys think we progressives drink kool-aid. Don't tell me - trickle-down is a compassionate and effective theory too, eh?

Apr 21st - 23:18pm | ecbuck

. Neo-liberalism simply does not workIt worked thirty years ago.  It has been rejected since and that is why we are where we are. 

Apr 21st - 21:42pm | rmackie

Interesting post loyalconserve. In my own opinion, the NPS maintenance backlog is just part of the nations failing infrastructure, it  is a huge problem. This is not the site to get into the economic policies that most major political figures have bought into the last 40 years, but I agree, change is needed. Neo-liberalism simply does not work.

Apr 21st - 20:37pm | loyalconserve

NPT thank you for not just printing the AP article that so many other outlets did and state that the "National Parks suffer from $$ maintenance backlog and a visitor base that is elderly and mostly white". Divisive, racist, insulting, discriminatory.

President Obama Visiting Everglades National Park On Earth Day To Draw Attention To Climate Change

Apr 21st - 13:44pm | beachdumb

Rick, enjoy your Kool-Aid! In 1915, Einstein published the General Theory of Relativity. The 97% consensus soundly rejected it – like they do with almost all significant progress in science. 

Apr 21st - 13:17pm | Rick B.

I've read a lot of your and other denialist's screeds. I'll go ahead and side with the majority of the scientists on climate change. Well, that and what I see happening all around me here in Alaska. You go ahead and have fun coloring your charts though.

Apr 21st - 12:38pm | beachdumb

 It is unclear whether or not these species can tolerate the increased salinity that will come as sea level continues to rise due to climate change.

Apr 21st - 12:33pm | beachdumb

Rick, your wrong, this president takes the top honor. His getting out has worked so well that now we're in more danger than before. Did read my other post about sea level rise? Are you really that clueless?

Apr 21st - 12:30pm | Owen Hoffman interesting summary of the effects of sea level rise on the Everglades.

Apr 21st - 12:20pm | Rick B.

Beachdumb, I would expect you to understand about being laughing stock. The man you call 'dishonest' got us out of the wars that THE most dishonest President got us into.  Perhaps try to back it down and discuss the topic of the thread rationally?

Apr 21st - 10:35am | beachdumb

The longest running tide gauge in Florida, Fernandina, shows that sea level rose the fastest (4.5 mm/yr) for the 30 year period ending in 1953. For the last 30 years the rate has been 1.0 mm/yr. Over all since 1898 the acceleration of sea level rise at the the Fernandina tide gauge has been negative. (-0.01 mm/yr²). 

Apr 21st - 09:19am | Danny Bernstein

The Everglades will be the front lines of the climate change problems. Eventually, most of the park will be underwater.Danny  

Apr 21st - 07:02am | beachdumb

Would expect no less from the most dishonest president in modern history. He is making us the laughing stock of the world. 

Acadia National Park Opens Loop Road For The Summer Season

Apr 21st - 09:25am | Aimee Beal

Acadia's website indicates that the carriage roads will close Wednesday, April 22 (not Thursday). However, given today's drenching rain on the Maine coast, it's probably a good idea to stay off them starting immediately!

Here's A Hiking Guide For Your Next Visit To Zion National Park

Apr 20th - 16:39pm | ecbuck

No doubt we all have different priorties.  As my mom used to say, "thats why they don't make it all vanilla".  And there is nothing wrong with that. 

Apr 20th - 16:24pm | Jim Burnett

Sorry, ec, if I seemed to push back too hard. Maybe getting the info posted online would take less time and effort than I realize, but I've seen too many cases of "quick and easy" projects that prove not to be as advertised. This is just one of many examples of competing priorities for employee's time, and if this is being worked on, then something else won't get done.

Apr 20th - 16:22pm | Rick B.

Apparently things vary. The announcement for the 2015 Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency program [a joint NPS/Parks Canada effort], which is local to me, mentioned visual artists.

Apr 20th - 14:28pm | ecbuck

"The Artist-In-Residence Program at Rocky Mountain National Park offers professional writers, composers, and visual and performing artists the opportunity to pursue their artistic discipline while being surrounded by the park's inspiring landscape"

Apr 20th - 13:36pm | Rick B.

In my experience the 'artist in residence' program is not a 'performing artist' [which puts me in mind of a singer or musician] but more often a painter or photographer. The product of such a program can benefit many.

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