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Cell Phone Tower Issue At Theodore Roosevelt National Park Raises Questions Of Connectivity In National Parks

Dec 5th - 13:48pm | ecbuck

They may not have foreseen the future but both have designated ways to change to address it.  It niether case does ignoring what the document says represent the appropriate means to change.  

Dec 5th - 12:00pm | Hiking Paddler

Elitist hand wringing at its best!   I'm sorry, are the elitists those who can afford cell phones and the various accessories and apps, or the ones who would prefer that you leave them at the trailhead? 

Dec 4th - 16:47pm | Rick B.

And have your LE rangers enforce a "no broadcasting out loud" rule or however you phrase it. I love Willie Nelson, Asleep At The Wheel, and Patsy Cline, but play them out loud when I'm having a wilderness commune with the dirt, trees, and wildlife and you'll see my antisocial side.

Dec 4th - 07:35am | Dave Samsel

It's been said just because one can do a thing doesn't mean you should do it.  This is simply a safety issue.  Towers can be, and should be, made virtually invisible.  If you have a problem with it, leave your phone in the car, at camp, at home, whatever.

600 Fighting Chimney Tops 2 Fire At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Dec 5th - 09:58am | kevin and tammy...

to all our freinds (family) in tennesee,  y"all are the most wonderfull folks on the face of this planet...keep your heads high because much better days are coming your way, were all praying for your recovery....GOD BLESS...

Legislation To Put Price Tag On Outdoor Recreation’s Economic Value Sent To President

Dec 4th - 17:43pm | Rebecca Latson ...

I agree totally with Lee Dalton.  With this new administration, in particular, I think the key word will be "profit".

Dec 4th - 16:39pm | ecbuck

Such analysies are WAGs at best.  Policy should never be based on such studies.  Agree, the reults will be prone to manipulation to meet a predetermined goal.  Total waste of taxpayer money.  

Dec 4th - 15:44pm | Harryb3570

I agree with Lee Dalton. This sounds good on the surface but what is just beneath the surface?  What are the hidden dangers? This legislation will bear watching? How is the economic value of our parks to be determine? Will the NPS do this or will some private group be contracted to determine the numbers. Will there be a threshold that every park must meet?

Dec 4th - 11:05am | Lee Dalton

Sounds good.  On the surface.  But as with virtually everything else that comes down from the top of Capitol Hill, it may also have some other aspects that may be hidden somewhere.  Intended or unintended as the case may become.

National Park Mystery Photo 51 Revealed: A Once-Hidden Treasure

Dec 4th - 12:23pm | CW Logan

Built by my 6th great grandfather.

Traveler's View: Concerning Times For National Park System

Dec 4th - 10:28am | ecbuck

Yes he is, you might note he has a poliitical slant.  There is a difference between earned income "salary" and unearned income (municpal interest, dividends, capital gains).  He pays a higher rate than his secretary on his earned income but, because so much more of his income is unearned income which is taxed at lower rates, his overall tax rate is lower.

Dec 4th - 10:12am | ecbuck

Ah, a little research reveals the "fake news".  That article is comparing reported income, as required by FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) to taxes paid.  Taxes aren't based on FASB standards, they are based IRS accounting standards.  Under the IRS accounting standards, these companies weren't making profits over the time frames your report covers.

Dec 4th - 09:17am | Kurt Repanshek

EC, I guess you better tell Warren that he's spreading fake news.

Dec 4th - 09:07am | ecbuck

Sorry Kurt, I missed your comment from the 22nd.  Yes they (government employees) are taking advantage of the system.  I didn't say or imply they were doing anything illegal but that many are just parasites or even worse as many due damage as well.  And no Buffett doesn't pay a lower rate on earned income than his Secretary.  That is what we call "fake news".

Dec 4th - 08:12am | Gary Wilson

Thank you Ray, I agree with everything you said.  Great post!

Dec 3rd - 10:12am | Lee Dalton

Salt Lake KSL Channel 5 news just reported that Rob Bishop and Trump will meet soon to discuss Bishop's proposal that Trump undo the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and possibly other areas as well.

Dec 3rd - 09:55am | rmackie

Excellent points Ray, thank you for all your efforts. I want to share your approach but must admit , at this point, I am not very optimistic. 

Dec 2nd - 21:27pm | Lee Dalton

Excellent points, Ray.  And we all need to renew our memberships and support of organizations that will stand up to him when needed.

Dec 2nd - 18:23pm | Ray Bane

To President-Elect Donald Trump the world is a stage, and he is the star of the show.  If he sees national parks as backdrops for his craft of public outreach/minipulation the parks may actually prosper.  National parks have a great deal of national support, so he may be encouraged to be supportive - as long as there is a quid pro quo that benefits his agenda and personal image.

Fire And Heartbreak In The Smokies

Dec 4th - 09:59am | Matt M

"Praying is good," I said, "but cash donations are better." Amen to that. 

How Will A Trump Administration Treat The National Park System?

Dec 4th - 09:06am | ecbuck

Here is an interesting piece from the WSJ how politics tries to squash real science if it doesn't meet the AGW agenda and how the AGW crowd manufactures their numbers to fit their "conclusions"

Dec 3rd - 18:25pm | Kat Tatsumi

I want to start a letter writing campaign for a good Secretary of the Interior; any nominations?

Permit Issued To Kill Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Mountain Lion

Dec 3rd - 00:28am | jmorley

This is a function of shrinking habitat and competition by predators for food on what little remains. Perhaps people who live near wilderness areas will be happier when these predators are vanished entirely. It's happening to the Florida panther. Will the California mountain lion soon be next?

Dec 2nd - 18:04pm | Rick B.

Sorry - I see the source of the term, which I still dislike greatly. If I read your use of it and heard it in what I presume is your usual tone of voice around here, and that was inaccurate in this one instance, go in peace.  

Dec 2nd - 17:43pm | ecbuck

Rick - the term "hobby animal" originated from the article not me.  The article did not use it in a derisive sense and neither did I.   If you do all you can to protect them and assume the risk were you can't, we are in agreement. You blast a bear to save your cat, you might raise a few back hairs on this site.  

Dec 2nd - 17:33pm | Rick B.

I really hate the term 'hobby animal', as evidenced by Eric's deriding comment above. I live in the boonies, just outside a national park. It is my property - acreage that I will be paying the mortgage on for years to come.

Dec 2nd - 13:09pm | Lee Dalton

According to this morning's CBS news, the woman who asked for the permit to kill the lion has now asked that it not be killed, but relocated instead.

Dec 2nd - 09:13am | ecbuck

I don't know, this may be fall in the catagory of living in a WUI.  If you want to have hobby animals in an area inhabited by mountain lions seems to me it is up to you to protect those hobby animals or suffer the consequences of you making the decision to put them in harms way.  

Wyoming Has No "Intent" To Allow Grizzly Hunt On NPS Lands If Grizzlies Delisted

Dec 2nd - 20:54pm | [email protected]  IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO  An adult male grizzly bear has been killed in eastern Idaho and a $6,000 reward is being offered for information leading to whoever is responsible.

Dec 2nd - 09:28am | Lee Dalton

Remember that too frequently what western legislators and governors say is not necessarily what they will actually do.

Dec 2nd - 08:27am | Dave Smith

The claim that Wyoming has "no intent" to hunt grizzlies on park lands is meaningless because once grizzlies are delisted, there is not a legally binding agreement to prevent Wyoming from hunting grizzlies on park lands. 

Dec 1st - 19:47pm | bern barth

I want a no grizzly bear hunt boundary defined around national parks, such as Grand Teton and Yellowstone before delisting is approved. I want a  safety zone for visitor and tour guides on Bridger-Teton National Forest lands/

Man Who Stole From Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site Pleads Guilty, Sentenced To Probation

Dec 2nd - 12:59pm | Dave S.

Well, good for Stanley.  He stands to make around $17,000 profit at a cost of a few counseling sessions.  What's wrong in this picture?

UPDATED: Death Toll From Great Smoky Mountains Fire At Seven, More Rain Needed

Dec 2nd - 11:59am | Gary Wilson

What the heck is ECbucks problem?  I've never seen more of an arrogant out of touch person than this guy.  AMAZING!  I'm really sitting here stewing the more I read from this clown.

Dec 2nd - 11:43am | ecbuck

A retired psychiatric nurse has already mused by making baseless accusations.

Dec 2nd - 11:19am | Rick B.

You should not ask a retired psychiatric nurse to muse about your motives in life.

Dec 2nd - 10:47am | ecbuck

So Rick - what is my interest in arguing for big oil?

Dec 2nd - 10:14am | Rick B.

Simply arguing what is beneficial to the Big Oil.

Dec 2nd - 09:46am | Lee Dalton

"I am arguing that there are many other forces that have far more impact on the earth than humans burning fossil fuels.  Man's impact relative to those natural forces is negligible." But it seems that even the descendents of John D. Rockefeller disagree with those claims.  

Dec 2nd - 09:17am | ecbuck

I am not arguing the null hypothesis.  But I am arguing that there are many other forces that have far more impact on the earth than humans burning fossil fuels.  Man's impact relative to those natural forces is negligible.  

Dec 2nd - 09:04am | [email protected]

If you ASSUME that an EARTH with no Humans is the SAME/ EQUAL to an Earth with nearly 7.5 Billion Humans (most of whom are burning fossil fuels), you will never understand how Humanity is adversely affecting Earth's Biosphere with a its very thin atmosphere.  The NULL HYPOTHESIS that there is NO DIFFERENCE is clearly Rejected.

Dec 2nd - 08:41am | ecbuck

There were fires in the 1800s?  One almost every 7 years?  How could that possibly be.  The "settled science" says fires are only caused by fossil fuel generated CO2.  How much fossil fuel generated CO2 was there in the 1800s?  How did the fires go away for the last 80 years when CO2 emmissions were booming?

Dec 2nd - 02:01am | [email protected]

Story Includes Fire History Tree Ring Science

Dec 1st - 23:26pm | janes

I was there just a few weeks before the fires broke out. So sad for residents of Sevier County and Gatlinburg.

Step Back In Time At Fort Vancouver National Historic Site's Holiday Celebration

Dec 1st - 23:15pm | Rick B.

I've enjoyed my visits to Ft Vancouver in the past, and this sounds like a nicely enhanced experience I wish I could make.

Katahdin Woods And Waters National Monument: A Pretty Magical Place

Dec 1st - 19:49pm | Rick B.

Yup - would love to see it some day.  

Western Frontier: Early Forts Regale America's Fur Trade Era

Dec 1st - 19:22pm | Anonymous

It's worth noting per Kurt's telling of Hugh Glass's story, a book entitled "Lord Grizzly" by Frederick Manfred was the first accounting of Glass's tale brought to publication. Manfred, a novelist born in Iowa, included Lord Grizzly as part of his five-volume series, The Buckskin Man Tales. That book was a finalist for the 1954 National Book Award.

UPDATED: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wildfires Sweep Over Gatlinburg, Kill Three

Dec 1st - 18:51pm | Kim

Has anyone heard if Spence cabin on elkmont was damaged. I just got married there a year ago. 

Road Construction Will Close Arches National Park's Campground For Most Of 2017

Dec 1st - 16:01pm | Michele Hill Mo...

Just wanted to highlight from above report, the sentence - The park anticipates that much of the pulverizing, paving and other work will occur at night -

Nation's Christmas Tree Ceremony At Kings Canyon National Park Set For December 11

Dec 1st - 15:47pm | Kurt Repanshek

Great question, Ranger.Sunday, December 11, 2016 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. at Kings Canyon National Park.

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