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Did National Park Service Overlook Court Rulings In Abdicating Wildlife Management Responsibilities At Grand Teton?

Mar 31st - 16:36pm | ecbuck

 It required the give and take of a civil society, There are plenty of civil societies out there.  There is only one that has operated under our Constitution for the last 200+ years.

Mar 31st - 16:31pm | Alfred Runte

I agree that this country is perhaps the greatest on earth, but again, it took more than the Constitution to make that true. It required the give and take of a civil society, all of which is finally breaking down.

Mar 31st - 15:04pm | ecbuck

 We will not allow you to destroy our best idea by picking and choosing from the government you wish to follow.

Mar 31st - 14:53pm | Alfred Runte

The Constitution is far more than you make of it, EC, but I will concede that the National Park Service is no better judge of that than you are. Now what? More of the same in every park?

Mar 31st - 14:49pm | ecbuck

No Lee, I just pointed out that Alfred in this case, like you commonly do, created a strawman that never existed.  I'm sure Alfred understands quite well the concepts of designated powers and jurisdicational soveriegnty.  

Mar 31st - 14:09pm | Lee Dalton

Might as well hang it up, Alfred.  You've been overruled by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Traveler Website in a unanimous decision.  

Mar 31st - 10:28am | ecbuck

How did so-called conservatives ever get this dumb idea that private property is not bound by laws? 

Mar 31st - 10:17am | Alfred Runte

EC, give it a break. My home in Seattle is bound by all kinds of government regulations, from single-family ownership to whether or not my wife and I can have a mother-in-law apartment. How did so-called conservatives ever get this dumb idea that private property is not bound by laws? When I turned 18, my government even declared its ownership over my life and body.

Mar 31st - 09:02am | ecbuck

Beyond the issue of the court having totally bastardized the Commerce Clause, in Kleppe, the Burros were rounded up on Federal Land, in Brown the waters were inside the park boundry.  Similarly the letter by Chapman also discussed activities "in side the boundary".  In holdings are not "inside the boundary".  

Isle Royale National Park Officials To Decide Whether To Import Wolves To Help Island's Vanishing Pack

Mar 31st - 11:53am | Siena

I believe a few wolves should be introduced to Isle Royale to help increase the population. I recommend relocating wolves from British Columbia where wolf culling is currently taking place by the Canadian government in order to increase the local caribou population. Introduction of new wolves should be done whenever genetic diversity is low within the local population of Isle Royale.

One Climber Presumed Dead On Mount Rainier

Mar 31st - 09:13am | tahoma

The body of the missing climber has been recovered.  Norwegian Arvid Lahti, 58, was a very experienced climber who had summited Everest twice in one year by different routes:

OIG: National Park Service Director Skirted Ethics Office In Writing Book, Reprimanded

Mar 30th - 21:30pm | Ditto


Mar 30th - 21:28pm | Disappointed

It is no wonder our NPS leaders believe they can get away with anything. Director Jarvis is indeed with good intent in writing a book. However, at his level, he should be aware of ethics viololations and held accountable.

Touring The National Parks: What Does It Take To Get Into An RV Today?

Mar 30th - 20:44pm | Oliver Jones

When you're thinking about the caravan or trailer that's best for you, the most important factors to consider, beyond the obvious issue of price, are how you want to live on the road and where you want to go.

Op-Ed |National Park Service Undermines America's Best Idea

Mar 30th - 20:34pm | rmackie

I agree Lee, it was a very interesting read. The chapters on climbing history are very informative. The climbers that helped save the Peregrine Falcons from extinction is quite inspirational. I think it is important to note that career civil service employees serve under the politically appointed officials of which ever political party is in power.

Mar 30th - 17:19pm | Lee Dalton

Anyone foolish enough to believe that political pressures and backroom dealings don't have any effect on our parks really needs to sit down and read  Your Yosemite, A Threatened Public Treasure.  Author Bob Binnewies, former Yosemite superintendent, tells the story very capably. 

Mar 30th - 13:28pm | SmokiesBackpacker


Mar 30th - 11:21am | [email protected]

This is just another nail in the coffin of our wonderful Nationail Park System. Slowly but surely the system is being degraded and management does not care or even have one clue on how to stop this process.

Mar 29th - 23:54pm | rmackie

Thank you Traveler for the op-ed by Kent Wilson of the Wyoming Wildlife Association. Hopefully the environmental community can have this decision reversed or litigated. 

Mar 29th - 20:05pm | ecbuck

Alfred, I have always been skeptical of the influence of money.  Perhaps that is my personal bias.  You can spend what ever you want on commerciasl and campaign rhetoric and I am still going to investigate the candidate/issues and vote my principles.  85% don't like Congress but they vote for them anyway?

Mar 29th - 19:55pm | Gary Wilson

Yeah, this site is for the trolls like it always has been.  It's for the beachdumps, ecbucks, and SFW and other anti-nps troglodytes.  Basically low level fools that are allowed to dictate the tempo and control the flow in the forums, even if none of them have any expertise, or knowledge in the subjects they rant about constantly in thier anti-nps trolling.

Mar 29th - 19:08pm | beachdumb

Ha! You should get rid of the logical and common sense commenter ecbuck and keep the name caller, belligerent, and delusion Gary. The intolerance and hypocrisies of these lefty progressives is so laughable. Ec is only sane commenter here, you loose him, you loose ALL credibility. That's reality...

Mar 29th - 19:05pm | Alfred Runte

While we're on the subject of our elected representatives, think of this: Every U.S. Senator and Representative, on average, spends four hours per day on the phone raising money. Do I believe it? I do. Because when I ran for mayor of Seattle, I received the exact same advice. Al, if you don't spend every afternoon on the phone raising money, you might just as well not be in the race.

Mar 29th - 15:09pm | Kurt Repanshek

Gary, there are many folks who disagree with the views of others on the site, and who take their responses to the extreme. If people don't like EC's point of view, or that of others, then they shouldn't respond to those comments. It's as simple as that.

Mar 29th - 14:15pm | Mike Painter

"Yet they reelect their Senators more than 80% of the time and their Congressmen more than 90% of the time.  That kind of makes your 85% number "smelly"" That's because they think it's not their representatives who are corrupted, but rather others who are.

Mar 29th - 14:03pm | Gary Wilson

Kurt want an opinion on how to make this site better, get more active participants and have more of an active following... radiate that forum cancer that is ECBuck from your site.  These type of trolls drive away people from being active participants.

Mar 29th - 13:52pm | ecbuck

something like 85% of Americans agree that our government is corrupted by money,  Yet they reelect their Senators more than 80% of the time and their Congressmen more than 90% of the time.  That kind of makes your 85% number "smelly"

Mar 29th - 13:09pm | ecbuck

Don't always agree with you Kurt but do always appreciate your efforts on this site.

Mar 29th - 13:04pm | Rick B.

Thanks, Kurt for all you continue to do.

Mar 29th - 12:35pm | Kurt Repanshek

Dear Another Sad NPSer, and other anonymous readers, and even some who list their names:"Actual reporting" takes time and resources. I haven't yet figured out how to clone myself, and so most of my waking hours are taken up writing, editing, trying to sell ads (that's not going so well), and more.

Mar 29th - 11:54am | Another Sad NPSer

Kurt, How about some actual reporting to explain who made this decision and why? Opinion pieces can be good for raising awareness of an issue, but they're still just one person's opinion.

Mar 29th - 10:10am | Kurt Repanshek

Ok guys, if we're not going to plow any new ground, let's move on to something substantive.

Mar 29th - 10:00am | Lee Dalton

And I keep asking you to back your claims up and you polish up the teflon and dodge away.  But when something like 85% of Americans agree that our government is corrupted by money, something just doesn't smell right.  How about some proof that I'm wrong and you're right?   

Mar 29th - 09:29am | wild places

I see the sky is falling .......again

Get Trash(ed) At Assateague Island National Seashore

Mar 30th - 18:47pm | Marianne Cotter...

What a great article.  Keep up the good work.  

National Park Service Continues To Sag In "Best Places To Work" In Federal Government

Mar 30th - 10:10am | Freeheeler

I've been a term project or program manager since 2006. Prior to that, I worked for no-profits and environmental consulting firms for fourteen years. My wife was a program manager when we met. Since I joined the NPS, I've worked in five different park units in five different states.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Readies Closures To Protect Shorebird Nests

Mar 30th - 09:54am | Sandie Walker

I'll let you know how the "not expected to impede off-road vehicle or pedestrian access" works out for us - the locals of CAHA.

Appeals Court Rejects Bid To End Backcountry Fees At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Mar 30th - 07:41am | SmokiesBackpacker

whnging and worthwhle, Paulette?   How much have you paid to use the Smokies, Miss Dayhiker?  or should I say, Mr. Idaho alias number 3?

Mar 30th - 03:09am | RodF

SmokiesBackpacker writes ""Further, the Park Service did not intend for Manual 22A to be binding." from ruling.  Nothing binds the NPS.  Including the peskier aspects of their own rules."

Mar 29th - 21:32pm | Paulette B

I visit GSMNP often and have hiked most of the day trip trails. Why shouldn't the relatively small percentage of visitors who use backcountry sites have to pay for the privilege? The fees are minimal, and those who use the sites should be the ones who support their maintenance. The snarky comments here from "I want something for nothing" set make me doubly glad they've lost yet again.

Photography In The National Parks: Winter’s Desolation In Big Bend National Park

Mar 30th - 04:13am | Bruce Hildreth

Your pictures made Big Bend a listing on my retirement "Must See" Bucket List.  Thanks!

Mar 29th - 12:21pm | Chip B

I've spent many, many days at BBNP - in all seasons.  I've been in snow in the Chisos, 110 degree temps in the desert and 'bout everything in between.  One morning I woke to 20 degrees and then suffered 90 degrees plus that afternoon!  I love it there!

Public Invited To Analyze Proposed Trail Reroutes, Repairs At Rocky Mountain National Park

Mar 29th - 20:16pm | RodF

The EA is open for public comment at

Backpacking At Mount Rainier National Park To Be First-Come, First-Served

Mar 29th - 18:56pm | tahoma

It looks to me as though the NPS management double-standard is alive and well.  For years the Rainier guiding concessions had winter access to Paradise while the public was excluded.  Somehow their reservations for the coming summer climbing season survived the computer crash, but private reservation requests were cancelled.

Grand Canyon National Park Searching For Ways To Replace River District Operation

Mar 29th - 14:31pm | Lori Crystal

Superintendent David Uberuaga, How about firing the guys who sexually harassed female employees rather than reassigning them? How about taking away the pensions from the male employees who sexually harassed female employees for years? The women who have been sexually harassed went through hell. Their self-esteem was damaged and their career tarnished.

Groups Sue National Park Service To Prevent Hunting Inside Grand Teton National Park

Mar 29th - 11:39am | ecbuck

 that also requires ignoring the fact that the Constitution provided for a court system to interpret the document for us.

Mar 29th - 10:16am | Gary Wilson

I give up on EC.. He's not worth my time.  The rules that the NPS has followed in regards to hunting in national parks were established well before I was born, so at this point, i'm glad the NPCA is taking charge in filing a lawsuit to make the GTNP follow the same rules as other National Parks in the system.  They will win this one, I feel.

Mar 29th - 10:13am | Lee Dalton

It appears that all these arguments have long ago been settled by laws enacted by Congress as they "make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof" as they "regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the seve

Mar 29th - 10:10am | Kurt Repanshek

Ok guys, if we're not going to plow any new ground, let's move on to something substantive.

Mar 29th - 09:57am | ecbuck

To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;" As in "land forces" and "naval Forces".  Now we really see who has a reading comprehension problem.  

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