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Lodging In The Parks: New Badlands Cabins A Major Upgrade

May 22nd - 18:06pm | J Pace

We stayed in one of the Cedar Pass cabins Sept. 2015, and we found them to be very nice. In fact, it was much nicer than the western cabins we had at Lake, Canyon, and Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park-and the cost per night was less. I was really happy to have A/C, refrigerator, microwave and TV-none of which we had in Yellowstone.

May 22nd - 17:38pm | R Boone

I stayed in Cabin 124 In October 2015.  My stay was delightful.  The cabin was clean and very comfortable.   It was wonderful waking up inside the park with spectacular views all around me rather than waking up to highway veiws from a hotel in a nearby town.   

May 22nd - 17:23pm | kenny p

I agree...was surprised how spendy they have become. We did stay there one night..floors were very sticky, coffee pot hadnt been cleaned and the table hadnt been wiped off. Dont know that we'll be staying there again. Cabins are cute but....

May 22nd - 14:41pm | Lee Dalton

I'm right with ya, Mega.  178 / 2 = 89 per person.  That's still a hefty chunk of change.  Yet on the other hand, it's hard to find a decent motel in most towns that are much lower.  That's why I love my little portable motel.  But it's becoming increasingly harder to find a place to park it unless it's a Walmart parking lot . . . . .

May 22nd - 14:04pm | Megaera

And now another national park has priced its lodging out of the reach of a lot of us.  I cannot begin to describe how frustrating that is.

National Park Service Supports Delisting Of Grizzly Bears...To A Point

May 22nd - 16:35pm | Lee Dalton

CaliforniaFarm Bureau? And how many other times have you decried the unreliablity of various government agencies on these very web pages? How much personal experience do you have working with cattle or sheep?  In Utah, the main source of polluants in streams such as the Bear River is --- ready for this --- animal waste from ranches.

May 22nd - 16:30pm | Rick B.

An d I'll simply take it that you know a good bit about bovine end product.

May 22nd - 15:58pm | ecbuck

  Not by any stretch of the imagingation are they benefits in any but a very unusual circumstance. I will take the word of the BLM over your baseless rants.  

May 22nd - 14:33pm | Lee Dalton

Ah, Esteemed Comrade, look at the contradictions in your post above.  It looks like Fernando spotted them. You repeatedly use the words "well managed grazing."  Show me a rancher who manages his rangelands well and I'll show you a very rare individual --- at least in the desert southwest. Several are simply bogus:

May 22nd - 11:24am | Fernando Pamenes

Are you serious, or this was a bad joke?

May 22nd - 09:12am | ecbuck

    Yes - beneficial effects: Grazing offers a bounty of benefits Ranchers and researchers say there are a number of very important environmental benefits from responsible grazing of public and private lands. Those benefits include:

May 21st - 18:23pm | Dean Shamblen

Cattle should not be grazing in national forrest or BLM public lands.

May 21st - 18:12pm | Ida Bean

Why does NPS support delisting at all? It is not just about protecting bears that people pay to see. This should be about insuring the population is viable long term. Right now, the Yellowstone population is not connected to any other grizzly population. Further, the Yellowstone grizzlies have lost several key food sources in the last two decades - due to climate change and invasive species.

May 19th - 17:12pm | Lee Dalton

"Beneficial effects on the land???????" And thanks, dahkota. Now perhaps it's time to let other readers decide which information is correct and which is not.  

May 19th - 11:19am | ecbuck

Dahkota - don't forget the the fed lands cattle and the divisor is beef cattle not all cattle.  

May 19th - 10:57am | dahkota

Just an FYI, according to the BLM: " Grazing use on public lands has declined from 18.2 million AUMs in 1954 to 8.3 million AUMs in 2014 (a 54 percent decrease). " Using the above 'formula,' it calculates out to 1.78 million, not 4 million.

May 19th - 10:54am | ecbuck

Dairy cows must be included in the total because most of them become beef at some point in time.

Program Takes Youths Into Backcountry Of Denali National Park

May 22nd - 16:28pm | Rick B.

Great to see this. The more kids we get to the parks, the better future for the kids and the parks.

Armchair Photography Guides

May 22nd - 15:49pm | Kurt Repanshek

Well, it's probably Rebecca. She has an "armchair guide" to Banff National Park coming out June 7. Later this week we'll have a somewhat similar guide to Yosemite Valley, by Jean Bjerke.

May 22nd - 15:44pm | Amarillobymorning

That sounds like the author's name. I know it was posted sometime before Sept. 30, 2015 because that was the date on the file where I saved some of the information. And I suspect it wasn't a whole lot earlier that it was published because I usually visit the NPT site at least weekly.

The Real Story About The Bison Calf That Took A Ride In The Car

May 22nd - 15:15pm | Maureen Dennis

I have searched FB daily to see any updates on this story, as I knew it would take many twists and turns. Thank you for setting things straight. I hope there is also a fair and balanced agreement between the NPS and those who gave the ride to the calf. Thanks again for this article. I am headed to Yellowstone next month and anxious to show one of my kids its beauty.

May 22nd - 14:56pm | Molly

very well written and sad... As beautiful as the wild is, there are some very sad, ugly but necessary parts.

May 22nd - 11:51am | Angela Bates

Debi, your treatment of this complex ethical situation is so eloquent and beautifully written. I wiped away tears as I read it, the same tears had I been there witnessing this calf confronting the profound forces of nature.

May 22nd - 11:31am | Joe Calabrese

A very enlightening article! I disagree with Joanna T's response....

May 22nd - 11:28am | Julia White

You don't get it do you?  "To accept nature on it's own terms" isn't explicit enough?  I'm guessing around a hundred bison calves a year die for various reasons. The number of Bison in Yellowstone have the system pretty well maxed out. If they all lived there wouldn't be anything for them to eat. This is natural history 101. Unfortunately humans have forgotten this. 

May 22nd - 11:02am | Joanna Tallarico

This is bullshit. No help for the calf really? I'm sure there is a sanctuary somewhere that could have helped the calf.  Such a beautiful creature to be put down is a sin. I will never travel to Yellowstone. They need to rethink their responsibility to the wildlife.    

May 22nd - 10:20am | andrea lankford

Well done Deby! Thanks for writing this. 

May 22nd - 09:57am | mtgnppics

Thank you, Debbie.  :)

May 22nd - 06:47am | Colleen Kilbane

Deby, I was anxiously awaiting this artilce without dissapointment.  I will pass it along in hopes to educate pople not only about what to do or not to do the next time, but to relieve the said visitors of more grief.  Thank you for all that you do and I hope to meet you one day in YNP. 

Fans of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Being Asked to Contribute Ideas to Lakeshore's Future

May 22nd - 08:24am | Anonymous

The reality is that people are already wearing minimal swimwear and thongs on these beaches, as well as going topless and nude on them.  My wife never wears anything but a thong bikini at Kemil Beach, and she usually lays out topless down by the water's edge.  No one has ever complained.

Traveler's View: The Promise Of The Next Century

May 21st - 13:00pm | Ray Bane

Curious.  How many recall the Vail Agenda?  It was formulated by a blue pannel of some of the most eminent conservationists and NPS representatives of their day.  It might be a good idea to inquire as to how the NPS implimented its recommendations and resulting improvements in the NPS.

May 19th - 19:18pm | Retired Ethical...

Very pertinent and insightful editorial.  I, too would like to see it reach a wider audience.  While our National Park system has daunting challenges, there are many opportunities to make it better.  

May 19th - 16:31pm | Harry Butowsky

An excellent article that should have a wider audience. I think Kurt has captured the current state of the problems and opportunities facing our system of National Park better than I have ever seen before. Well  done.

Parking Just Got More Expensive at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

May 21st - 10:31am | Rex

Visited Mt Rushmore in 2014 and was informed very bluntly that my Senior Pass was not honored at this facility.  More I would have to pay cash!  I did not know it was for parking?  The cashier could have explained the Senior Pass did not cover parking!  It appeared to me if you wanted to visit the monument there was no other choice for parking and a review of the map it stil

Centennial Series | National Park System Expansion: Confronting A Second Century Challenge

May 21st - 09:01am | Michael Kellett

Most people assume that national monuments proclaimed by the president under the Antiquities Act are administered by the National Park Service. For many decades, this was generally true. It is not true for most monument lands designated in recent years.

May 20th - 11:48am | Kurt Repanshek

Pinnacles NP was already in the system, dating to 1908, and is just 26,606 acres. San Gabriel Mountains NM is Forest Service, Mojave Trails is BLM, as is Sand to Snow.Castle Mountains NM is NPS, but at just 21,000 acres, not sure it truly qualifies as "significant acreage" in terms of a national park. Valles Caldera is nearly five times as large.

May 20th - 11:17am | Raphael

"Valles Caldera National Preserve is the only natural area with significant acreage that has been added to the National Park System in recent years "

Changing Times: Protecting Mount Rainier

May 20th - 18:46pm | MKM

Such an amazing video capturing the essence of our park yesterday to today. Thank you National Park Service for protecting our Mountain for future generations.  It is Paradise and we are humbled by its impact on our lives!

May 20th - 10:21am | tahoma

Despite the occasionally odd narration conflicting with the period music, the old photographs in this video are charming.  For someone familiar with 'The Mountain', the single most striking impression is how much thicker and more extensive the glacial ice was a century ago.  Also, I don't recall many other NPS videos admitting to past management mistakes.  This is quite refreshing, and might ev

Sexual Harassment Chapter At Grand Canyon National Park Leads Superintendent To Retire

May 20th - 14:08pm | Worked for Dave

Disagree Rasin,

May 19th - 23:29pm | trailadvocate


May 19th - 21:47pm | Raisin mountaineer


May 19th - 17:54pm | Retired Ethical...

I hope you're right.

May 19th - 15:52pm | Survivor

Jarvis is retiring too!

Photography In The National Parks: Year-Round Photography In Yellowstone National Park

May 20th - 13:36pm | Paul Stuetze

Beautiful images of rare wildlife encounters, enhanced by a narrative that shares and teaches. Yes, time, patience, proximity and luck are essential ingredients for success. Still, I believe the greater pieces of your approach are based upon research, preparation and a deep respect and compassion for the creatures and landscapes YOU SEEK OUT. 

Tule Springs, With Its Rare Collection Of Prehistoric Fossils, Promoted For National Monument Status

May 19th - 21:47pm | Kyle

I am a future paleontologist and I was wondoring what species of Dinosaurs are there.  

Trails I've Hiked: Far Below And Long Ago—Basin Creek Trail to Caudill Cabin in Doughton Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway

May 19th - 20:11pm | Gerald

My Wife and I hiked up to The Cabin off of Longbottom Rd, which is the at he bottom of the Cove. Its accessible from Highway 21 north at Stone Mt. Its a very long hike taking you past the primitive campsite and Alice Caudills Grave site. its well worth it.Alot of Chimneys still stand from Cabins Washed away by the flood of 1916. Its about a 8 mil Round trip.

Poll: Why Do You Read National Parks Traveler?

May 19th - 19:50pm | Rick B.

I'm with Lee, above.

May 19th - 19:02pm | Lee Dalton

How about all of the above?

Billing For Search and Rescue Missions -- Yes, or No?

May 19th - 19:22pm | Nathan

You shouldn't have to pay for rescue at all depending on the situation that's bull people get lost and people need help sometime everyone does so wait till your broke and need help hope you realize 

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