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Hunter Who Killed Gray Wolf That Roamed From Yellowstone To Grand Canyon Won't Be Charged

Jul 11th - 15:23pm | Mike Painter

If he'd killed because he hated wolves, it's unlikely he would have reported it himself. At least that's my take on the situation.

Jul 10th - 21:48pm | ernie meyer

i really do not hunt but i do fish and enjoy as much of the outdoors as i can member of my family has a farm with cattle and such and I learn many thing s from him and other people. in my town we have a lot of coyotes and pass them on the road side every day...not once would anyone ever mistake that frail creature for being a wolf or even a german shepard.

Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Wolf At Grand Teton National Park

Jul 11th - 14:37pm | Kurt Repanshek

Traveler's always open to help in covering the parks...or contributions to help us do the job. If you want to help out, you can reach me at

Jul 11th - 14:23pm | bytecourier

After reading the headline of this article, I assumed it meant someone saw a car hit the wolf and "take off", as this is the what newspaper articles and TV newscasts mean by "Hit-and-Run".

Jul 11th - 08:52am | sunsetryder

Was there cell coverage at the site? Did the driver have a cell phone? Was there much traffic on that particular road that time of night? What was the weather? Where there other wolves nearby? Was the driver an 85 year old women? The point of the headline should have been the dead wolf, not that the driver went elsewhere to make the call and file the report as required by law.

Jul 11th - 03:28am | Rick B.

What part of "Park rangers discovered the dead wolf lying in the road at 11:45 p.m. and later received a call from the driver" doesn't sound like there was no driver found at the scene? Kurt isn't a tabloid headline writer.

Jul 11th - 00:16am | sunsetryder

Why the sensationalized "hit and run driver" headline? If you have accurately outlined the reporting requirements, I believe the driver followed the letter and spirit of the law. Lot of gaps in your reporting to support a headline like that. Saying that a wolf was killed on a Yellowstone NP highway would have more accurately described the occurrence.

Op-Ed| SOS--Saving Our (National Park) System

Jul 11th - 13:09pm | Rick B.

I've noticed the same disparity, Eric, and have also noticed that the times can be similarly different. It'll work out.

Jul 11th - 09:28am | ecbuck

Kurt - see the comment on this thread after yours. In the "Recent Comments" widget it shows Harry's name but the post itself only says "anonymous". Real time the connection isn't too hard to make. After the fact the link is harder to make. Not complaining, just noting.

Jul 11th - 08:24am | Harry Butowsky

Great discussion and many wonderful comments. I hope Director Jarvis and his staff is reading these comments.

Jul 10th - 18:57pm | Kurt Repanshek

Folks, if you have an account, you're only signed in as "anonymous" if you post a comment without first logging into the system. 

Jul 10th - 18:46pm | Anonymous

Just returning from Yellowstone so missed a lot of comments. Catching up is a little difficult in the new format with even registered users being signed as anonymous. Nevertheless the most recent "anonymous" post seems to hit the nail on the head.

Jul 10th - 11:19am | Anonymous

I'm a current Division Chief within the NPS. I hold the NPS and the National Park idea in high esteem. The reality on the ground is that staffing, resources, time and energy are increasing scarce within the parks.

Jul 9th - 22:00pm | Lee Dalton

Excellent comment, Ron. But as I read these comments --- all of them --- every one of them contains some nuggets of truth. Truths that all contribute in some way to the mess we have built for ourselves.

Jul 9th - 18:41pm | Alfred Runte

Hi Rick,

Jul 9th - 18:41pm | Rick B.

"Spoken like a true democrat" - you say that like it's something to be ashamed of. I was a republican, then an apolitical, then a democrat, and now consider myself a non-aligned progressive.

Jul 9th - 15:23pm | Anonymous

"the so-called debt "crisis" is a myth that has been perpetuated by Wall Street and corporate elites who hate government and want to downsize it so they can make more money. " LOL! Spoken like a true a democrat. Your leader said adding 4 trillion was unpatriotic and irresponsible but adding 8 trillion to debt is a myth. LOL!

Jul 9th - 14:23pm | Raphael

Congressional underfunding is the least persuasive justification for delisting I can imagine. It makes the very idea of designation meaningless if future legislatures can undo it through budget compromises.

Jul 9th - 13:12pm | Harry Butowsky

Thank you for your comments. I do not have a perfect solution but I do think we need to have this discussion. I gave most of my adult life to supporting the parks and the NPS and I want this wonderful legacy to continued into the future. There is nothing wrong with discussion and raising my concerns. I only want what is best for the parks

Jul 9th - 13:09pm | Rick B.

[[ Fixed - thanks, Kurt ]]

Jul 9th - 12:57pm | Anonymous

As others have mentioned, some fascinating discussion here, but I must say that I have to agree with those who are respectfully disagreeing with Alfred's rather aggressive comments. The commentary by Kellett, Rick Smith, Lee, and others more closely resembles my life experience and understanding. ]This is Rick B - for some reason NPT's new software has bungled my logging in]

Jul 9th - 12:36pm | rmackie

Alfred, I am neither an historian nor an economist, so I am reluctant to comment except to say I find your posts interesting, provocative and at times confrontational.

Jul 9th - 10:21am | Alfred Runte

Okay, Michael. Now I get it. You're drinking Paul Krugman's Kool Aid. He's an idiot, but I digress. Anyone can believe that money grows on trees. It doesn't. It is a reflection of a society's "energy," and our "energy"--and the world's--has been diluted beyond repair. Fine. Let's take all of those billionaires and shake them down to the penny.

Jul 9th - 09:21am | Rick Smith

As a historian, Harry ought to know better. Who will be in charge of culling? Your Steamtown is my Pinnacles. And who is going to halt the steady growth of the System? The Congress? Hah! They will continue to add to the System based on pressures from local communities who see tourism as an economic driver.

Jul 9th - 08:55am | Lee Dalton

This topic has produced some of the best Traveler comments I can remember in a long time. The last two by Dr. Runte and Michael Kellet are excellent examples of the REAL PROBLEM because, although they seem to be at nearly opposite poles of the universe, BOTH of them are 100% correct.

Jul 9th - 07:37am | Michael Kellett

"How about the interest on our $18 trillion debt?"

Jul 9th - 01:42am | Alfred Runte

"Of course the U.S. government has plenty of money." Seriously, that's the first I heard about it."Too much of it is being spent in the wrong places." Well, on that we might agree. How about the interest on our $18 trillion debt? Unfunded liabilities through the Baby Boom Generation total another $125 trillion--and change. That's right. There is a t there, not a b.

Trails I've Hiked: A Trio Of Watery Jewels At Rocky Mountain National Park

Jul 11th - 10:53am | JeanBjerke

I'm enjoying your articles on a few of the trails in RMNP. Haven't been there since I was a child and don't remember much. We plan a trip in August with a photographer friend who used to live in Colorado and she put the hike to Dream Lake at dawn on the top of her list of places we must go!

Exploring The Parks: Cedar Breaks National Monument In Summer

Jul 11th - 07:57am | Jim Burnett

Cedar Breaks is another of those "under the radar" gems that deserve a visit. If you plan to do any hiking, just pace yourself. With most locations in the park at an elevation of over 10,000 feet, this scenery will literally "take your breath away" :-)

Jul 10th - 19:46pm | Megaera

We visited it when I was a small child, and it's on my list of places to return to, especially now that the wildflowers have been brought to my attention.

A Great Winter Escape: The Willow Public Use Cabin At Kenai Fjords National Park

Jul 10th - 20:21pm | Matthew Quaid

Please call me at 907-441-1232 as soon as you start taking reservations for Feb 2016, I would love to visit the cabin with my wife, it has been on our list for years. Sincerely, Matthew Quaid 907-441-1232

Congaree National Park Has A Hog Gone Wild Problem

Jul 10th - 19:21pm | Bob Tisch

I believe that, if a proper appeal were made to our states sportsmen and hunting organizations, there would be many hunters who would be honored to serve their state and country by taking many of these animals. Of course, this form of hog control would require detailed organization and planning to ensure order and participant safety.

A Few Musings From An Increasingly Dusty Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Jul 10th - 13:36pm | Jim Burnett

I agree there seems to be room for improvements in conservation of water in places like Las Vegas.

Jul 10th - 12:27pm | Becki

What about the recreation the water provides at Lake Powell? Maybe if we had less fountains and pools in Las Vegas and shortened our daily showers a bit both lakes could be there for our enjoyment.

Reader Survey Day: What Are The Top 5 National Park Lodges

Jul 10th - 10:41am | Alfred Runte

I can't resist reminding everyone of how many of their choices are railroad lodges--built in the grand old era of parkitecture, when America's railroads strove for greatness. But yes, I, too, will pick a favorite, which would be the North Rim's Grand Canyon Lodge. What an incredible building set down lovingly beside an incredible view.

Jul 9th - 16:13pm | Megaera

Old Faithful Inn, hands down.

Jul 9th - 12:30pm | Elaine B

Definitely Many Glacier Lodge! Absolutely spectacular!

Jul 9th - 09:06am | warno

Lake Crescent Lodge, Paradise Inn, Zion Lodge, Crater Lake Lodge, Glacier Bay Lodge

Jul 9th - 02:58am | Anonymous

We enjoyed the splendid isolation of Chisos Mountain Lodge in Big Bend National Park. Watching the sun go down beyond the "Window" was an amazing experience. I think that one tends to be overlooked.

Jul 9th - 02:38am | Anonymous

I agree with both of these. Especially Jackson Lake Lodge...with the floor to ceiling windows looking out onto that spectacular view!

Jul 8th - 23:53pm |

El Tovar pretty special, the Lodge in the main Canyon of Big Bend nice, all mentioned worth visiting.

Jul 8th - 20:06pm | Mary brelsford

Lake Crescent Lodge, Olympic National Park! By far the most wonderful, unspoiled accommodations, on pristine waters.

Jul 8th - 19:32pm | Jim Burnett

Based on the criteria of "setting," two of my votes go the the Many Glacier Hotel (pictured in the story) and the Glacier Bay Lodge (Glacier Bay National Park). 

Night View From Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Jul 10th - 10:03am | Barb Irons

For many years as a child we would drive to Minnesota from California. That was in the early 60's and 70's.

National Park Service: Big Cypress National Preserve Wilderness Assessment Not Cut In Stone

Jul 9th - 18:40pm | southfloridawild

Another good story Kurt on one of the last locations in the eastern United States that could qualify for federal wilderness designation. We're happy that NPS is willing to take another look at this issue - but what Mr. Reynolds is not acknowledging in his final comment is that - at one time or another - the entire preserve has been impacted by ORV use and trails.

Massive Rock Slab Peels Off Of Half Dome In Yosemite National Park

Jul 9th - 16:12pm | Megaera

Okay, that just goes to show how big Half Dome really is. That little red space is two-thirds of a football field. Amazing.

Conservationists: Big Cypress National Preserve Wilderness Assessment Places ORVs Above Preservation

Jul 9th - 00:38am | Frank Denninger

Due to Federal single species management thrust upon all of South Florida below lake Okeechobee that benefits one species alone (panthers) many many other wildlife populations are plummeting as uncontrolled Apex as well as other predators eat the other animals down there.

Celebration At Apostle Islands National Lakeshore To Welcome New Light Station To Park System

Jul 8th - 23:20pm | Bob Krumenaker


The Year Yellowstone Burned: A Twenty-Five-Year Perspective

Jul 8th - 20:47pm | Alan

I remember going to Yellowstone end of May/early June 1989 and tourist were freaking out and pissed that "they" let Yellowstone burn. There were some talking about how it's a cycle but overall people were mad. Now for the most part it's like you can't even tell unless you know there was a fire and look for it.

Pot Farmers Tilling Ground in Yosemite

Jul 8th - 20:44pm | Danny

We can't stop it. It's supply and demand just like any other business.

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