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Traveler Poll: Should President Obama Designate A National Monument In Maine's North Woods?

May 31st - 11:13am | ecbuck

Could you link that poll?  

May 31st - 11:08am | dahkota

A recent poll shows 2/3s of Maine residents want a Maine Woods National Park.

May 30th - 23:16pm | trailadvocate

How about respecting the people that actually live there.  It's their lives that will be changed.  Real stuff!  Enough already!  

May 30th - 22:22pm | Dennis G. Wingle


May 30th - 14:47pm | Toni Seger

Again, I have never voted in this poll, but it says that I have voted. I think the idea of a park in the Katahdin region is inspired. This magnificent piece of nature will inspire many others, draw an appreciate audience and prove endlessly valuable. Some locals might not know how lucky they are yet, but they'll find out.

May 30th - 11:58am | Steve Corneliussen

Thanks for fixing the voting software and thanks for conducting this poll.

May 30th - 10:37am | Kurt Repanshek

OK, thanks for pointing that out. We've asked the tech to look into it...

May 30th - 09:33am | Steve Corneliussen

Ditto what Diane Friese said.

May 30th - 09:22am | paul edwards

Public ownership preserves; private ownership destroys.

May 30th - 09:20am | Diane Friese

I have not already voted on this poll, but it is indicating that I did.   Please check your software.   I am in complete support of designating this land a National Monument in Maine.  Northern Maine needs to diversify its livelihood and the rest of the world needs to visit  and experience the beauty of the northern Maine woods. 

Great Smoky Mountains Proposes Fee Increases For Campgrounds, Pavilions

May 31st - 09:11am | SmokiesBackpacker

Overall, a total of $559.1 million in discretionary and $300.0 million in mandatory funds will allow NPS over ten years to make targeted, measurable, and quantifiable upgrades to all 6,735 of its highest priority non-transportation assets and restore and maintain them in good condition. The specific programs are identified in the table below.

May 31st - 07:59am | Lee Dalton

Smokies, you really believe you pay "lots" of taxes to support our parks? I've asked you to do some math before, but you won't.  But let's try again. The NPS budget is something like 0.001 of the national budget.  Take a look at your last tax returns.  How much did you pay in Federal Income Tax?

May 31st - 06:48am | SmokiesBackpacker

Fee, Fee, Fee.  Ca$$iu$ is fulfilling his name and raison d'etre.  He is of the same cloth as Jarvis.  At least now the frontcountry campers can feel the burn.  In Colorado, they are charging folks to dayhike national forest trails.  This is what has happened to Mather, Muir and Roosevelt's vision of public lands.  Lands for which we pay taxes.

Exploring The Parks: Yosemite's Roaring Waterfalls

May 30th - 23:29pm | Rudy Stefancik

In the afternoon there is a 20 minute period where there is a 400 ft rainbow across Nevada Falls that can be seen from below the falls on the north side below the bottom of the staircase on the Mist Trail. It is an incredible picture. I got it at 3:15 pm the last week of May. The time varies through the summer as the angle of the sun changes.

May 27th - 17:43pm | kthor

Wow look at Nevada Falls!!! it's roaring

Musings From An IMAX Theater: What Did You Think Of "National Parks Adventure"?

May 30th - 19:26pm | Steven Gray

Very disappointing. It seemed like an extreme sports movie sponsored by Subaru. If everyone engaged in these activities, the parks would be ruined in no time. I understand that the mountain biking was outside of Canyon Lands National Park, but then why feature it in the movie?

Yellowstone, Grand Teton Raising Entrance Fees This Summer

May 30th - 12:32pm | Gary Wilson

You're more like a blind puppy fringe group, and far from a watchdog organization with any sort of credibility.  Whatever, dumbo.

May 30th - 11:19am | SmokiesBackpacker

Methinks the unabagger from Idaho doth protest too much.  Love it when the NPS folks get defensive. It means that watchdog groups are rattling the right cages. Padding numbers should be suspect throughout the system if proven in the GRSM, as it has been.  Did you see the comments from the former deputy Super?  Wow, talk about taking it personally.

May 30th - 08:42am | Gary Wilson

John, you have serious reading comprehension problems.  Soufern' Forest Whine can use whatever unscientific measures they want, but that doesn't mean it's "proof" of anything, other than the delusions in your own mind. The park has been very crowded over the last few years.

May 30th - 06:27am | SmokiesBackpacker

The NPS pads numbers to make it look like visitation is increasing.  Here is proof.

May 29th - 18:33pm | PaulAZ

have no doubt we'll see stories later this week about how crowded the Parks are on holiday weekends. What mechanism other than fees ought to be used to regulate the use of these places?

May 29th - 17:07pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Yes.  We already own the NPS.  Problem is, they want to own more of taxpayers hard earned money.  That is the great entitlement mentality if ever there were one.  But I can't live off my wife who works for the NPS so I suppose we have to function in the private sector and actually work away from the taxpayer dime.

May 29th - 13:28pm | Rick B.

Amazing and so predictable.   Emotionally ripping one's own chest hair out in anger over a year old story.

May 29th - 12:37pm | Anonymous

We already paid for it. We own it.

May 29th - 11:20am | Anonymous

And yet again we see the Great American Entitlement Mentality on full display. "I want it!  I demand it! But don't you DARE ask me to pay for it!"  

May 29th - 05:50am | SmokiesBackpacker

The poor underfunded NPS.  What a bunch of crybabies.  With Jarvis at the helm let's charge, charge charge. taxpayer lands funded by taxpayer dollars and we need to charge taxpayers to use it.  Mather would be rolling in his grave along with John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt.  I believe that Americans are free to purchase whatever RV's they want.

May 28th - 16:48pm | Joe blow

and you probably come with a $40,000 vehicle $200 a night motels ect and think rangers work free? Bridges last forever? Roads? Rest areas? I hope they raise it to $100 and yes I am going there this summer

Glacier National Park Turning To Herding Dog To Move Wildlife Away From Humans

May 30th - 11:24am | Alice Biel

FYI, during this pilot project, the dog will NOT be used on the boardwalk or on any other trail. She will be used in the Logan Pass parking lot.

National Park Service Director Apologizes For Ethics Lapse

May 30th - 11:17am | Kurt Repanshek

C'mon, folks....

May 30th - 11:16am | SmokiesBackpacker

Rick B.  Any resemblance in my remarks to your beard or affiliation with the NPS is coincidental.

May 30th - 10:59am | Rick B.

Again with your facial hair phobia. I sure wouldn't parade that in public if I were you.

May 30th - 06:34am | SmokiesBackpacker

It's just proof that desk jockey bureaucrats like Jarvis get to stay in their positions while in the private sector he would have gotten greased for any one of his 10 scandals.  Jewell needs to do right by the American people and send him back to burma shave. That would be a start in restoring integrity to the NPS.

May 30th - 06:32am | SmokiesBackpacker

The investigation also showed that Director Jarvis approached Eastern National with the idea, but that he had told Interior Secretary Sally Jewell that Eastern National had asked him to write the book.

Grand Canyon National Park Also Expecting Crowds For Memorial Day Weekend

May 29th - 21:02pm | Lee Dalton

Some perspective on Grand Canyon from a local newspaper.

Possible Wolf Spotted in Rocky Mountain National Park

May 29th - 10:31am | Thomas M. Callan

Yesterday, May28, 2016, on the McGraw Ranch Road into the Rocky Mountain National Park, I saw a canine in the middle of the afternoon which was way too large to be a coyote.  It was 90-110 yards away stopping and moving up a hillside.  I was headed into the park and he was on my left side, generally to the west of the road.

Centennial Series | Key Events And Legislation Of The National Park Service's First Century

May 29th - 10:29am | Anonymous

One more for your list:

Is It "Elitist" To Try to Visit All 58 National Parks?

May 29th - 09:48am | Rob


Wilderness Defender: Carsten Lien And The Writing Of Olympic Battleground

May 28th - 11:54am | Donald E.Olsby

IN 1956 at BALLARD High School Mr. Lien was our Washington State history teacher. He was the best teacher I have ever had. He loved that park and because of him it thrives today.

Armchair Photography Guides

May 28th - 09:08am | Rebecca Latson ...

Hi Amarillobymorning - Kurt keyed me into the conversation about the Armchair Photo Guides I've been writing.  I'm so glad you enjoy them and have found them helpful.  Thanks for your nice comments.  Yes, I plan on having another guide (a Part 1) for Banff National Park coming out on June 7.

House Republicans Maneuvering To Drop ESA Protections For Wolves, Keep Disposable Water Bottles In Parks

May 28th - 08:27am | ecbuck

Plastic water bottles are NOT recyclable Well that certainly comes as a surprise to the millons of people that recycle their plastic bottles everyday.  There is an Endagered Species Act for a reason Yes to protect "Endagered Species"  not species that you happen to like but are deemed not endangered. 

May 27th - 20:18pm | Patisu Lambert

Plastic water bottles are NOT recyclable and there is an Endagered Species Act for a reason. Ask a real biologist before you do something really stupid!

Looters Excavate, Steal Civil War History At Petersburg National Battlefield

May 28th - 07:11am | M. Newport

As a Veteran I find this to an affront to anyone who has served this Country in any compacity. The full weight of the Law should land on these criminals like a ton of bricks.

A Tough Week for Hikers and Mule Riders at Grand Canyon National Park

May 27th - 23:50pm | trailadvocate

Yes, Admin, you have redeemed yourself.   I recognize this post :).  Can't get more real amid all the virtual stuff that seems to preoccupy so many.  The transformations that take place on a daily basis that happen to those that commit to the adventure just can not be described any more than people can try to describe what they see when they first look into it.

OIG: National Park Service Director Skirted Ethics Office In Writing Book, Reprimanded

May 27th - 21:37pm | Vanity, not sel...

What exactly did this book accomplish?  I don't think it paid for itself, much less raise money for the National Park Service.  I wouldn't be surprised if I see it among the other cheap books on the remainder table.  Did his misconduct save lives?  Did it save resources?  It shows a disturbing lack of respect for the rule of law.

May 27th - 20:09pm | Dee Yochuss No Shame

Hooray for Jarvis.  Wish we had more like him in Government.  This will certainly get his book more publicity that it otherwise had.  "The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about."  "There is no such thing as bad publicity."

Some Regulatory Changes At Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

May 27th - 19:42pm | Joan

And now my money that I pay for this website with my tax dollars is used to silence me by needing authorization for me to exercise my first ammendment right of freedom of speech. America needs to go back to being a free republic, constitutional law and a representative government of and by the people! If you don't like this, move to north Korea! They treat their citizens just as oppresive.

May 27th - 19:37pm | Joan

Because not only do the American people OWN this land, not the government, but now we are being told what we can and can not do on our own land by hired help. Isn't it great to be an American in this day and age? Wonder what will be taken away from us errant school children next year?

The Real Story About The Bison Calf That Took A Ride In The Car

May 27th - 17:11pm | Rangerskip

This is an excellent article written by Deby Dixon. I agree that a lot of public education is needed for animal lovers and other misinformed visitors to realize that YP and other National Parks are not zoos, and the animals that live there should not be treated as pets.

Enhancing Your National Park Experience At A Dude Ranch

May 27th - 15:43pm | A reader with g...

Great article Kim! One day I hope to visit a dude ranch! Sally

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park: A Jewel Along The Blue Ridge Parkway

May 27th - 08:44am | Kurt Repanshek

Rebecca, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation is working on a campaign to do some major restoration there. You can read about the campaign at the following page:

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide