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Outside Magazine Dug From Its Archives A Photo Promoting Illegal Camping In Arches National Park

Jul 21st - 07:50am | ecbuck

Gary - can you read or are you overcome by your desire to make personal attacks?  My words "What regs did they violate?  If they did, then no it isn't OK...."

Jul 21st - 07:46am | Gary Wilson

Yep, anytime one sets up a prop to be used in commercial photography, which is the case here, one would definitely need to secure a permit.  In this case, the NPS would not have approved of the image, since it would have promoted illegal camping in a sensitive area. 

Jul 20th - 11:20am | ecbuck

No evidence, which is why I used "likely" and didn't make an assertion.  But to make you happy, Kurt provided some regs that indicated even that activity would be illegal.  

Jul 20th - 11:13am | muddymoose

Submitted by ecbuck on July 17, 2016 - 10:22am. Its likely this was a planned and staged shot and after taken, everyone packed up and left. Much ado about nothing.   Do you have evidence for that otherwise baseless assertion?

Jul 18th - 10:37am | Tim M.

You're a good man, Kurt. I'm amazed you keep responding. 

Jul 17th - 17:17pm | Kurt Repanshek

There is a line, perhaps fine at times, but existent just the same between commercial photography and news gathering. As for someone walking across Yosemite Fall, not illegal that I know of, but I wouldn't recommend it. 

Jul 17th - 15:46pm | ecbuck

I don't see Outside's reporting any less "news gathering" than some of NPT's stories.  If its illegal it shouldn't be done but in this case a pretty petty complaint.   By the way, this month's Outside has a picture of someone walking across Yosemite Falls.  Was that illegal? Is it promoting? 

Jul 17th - 15:13pm | Kurt Repanshek

Permits generally are not needed for news gathering photos, EC. At Arches, the regulations are pretty specific. For instance, the following generally will not be permitted:The project includes a portrayal of activities that are not permitted within a national park.

Jul 17th - 14:32pm | ecbuck

They'd need a permit for commercial photography.

Jul 17th - 13:53pm | Kurt Repanshek

They'd need a permit for commercial photography. Plus there's the violation for illuminating the bowl beneath Delicate Arch, as the ranger said.

Jul 17th - 12:40pm | ecbuck

before temporarily violating a couple of regs What regs did they violate?  If they did, then no it isn't OK but if they pitched a tent for a photo op and didn't camp, I don't see any violation.  

Jul 17th - 12:16pm | Rick B.

"Nothing", because there was forethought and planning before temporarily violating a couple of regs. OK, then, whatever you can justify.  

'Bearcam' Study Looks At Human Emotional Connection With Wildlife, Parks

Jul 21st - 02:04am | John 1138

I'd like to see a third component compared: zoos. 

Bear Hazing Attempt Goes Wrong At Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

Jul 20th - 19:24pm | Mike McMonagle

Maybe lethal slugs and rubber slugs should be in different colored casings?....

Jul 20th - 13:36pm | Pasakhosht

Outrageous!  I bet that officer would have let a polar bear off with just a warning.

Centennial Series | The National Park System In The Next Century

Jul 20th - 17:31pm | Carole Hamann

We agree with you George. Been camping for 40 years. Mostly on the west coast.   Living in California we have a lot of opportunity to  see Utah, California, oregon,Washington,, Idaho, Montana and  Wyoming.  Newly retired we're  just getting started.

UPDATED: Golden Gate National Recreation Area Superintendent To Take Grand Canyon National Park Helm

Jul 20th - 16:13pm | Bruce Sanders L...

Christine -- Are you Robert's wife? Son of Julius? I (Bruce Lehnertz, son of George who was brother to Julius) inherited the Genealogical duties of the Lehnertz clan. Love to connect! Friend or Message me on Facebook?

Jul 20th - 15:27pm | Ethical Retired...

Good luck, Christine.  GRCA has suffered because of cronyism, and at least the NPS Director is now publicly acknowledging that an "Outsider's perspective" is needed.

Jul 20th - 13:34pm | Shelly S

Wow- Chris what a great career you have had. When I'm near a river here in Colo. I think of you and "fish shocking." Good luck with your new position!

Jul 20th - 11:14am | Rick B.

Congressmen have asked for lots of things. This article is about Christine Lehnertz, not about your personal vendetta.

Jul 20th - 08:33am | SmokiesBackpacker

Congressman have asked for Jarvis to step down but he refuses.  We all predicted this arrogance from someone who identifies himself as a "risk taker".  I suppose the sexual abuse is also an example of "risk taking". Except all parties got caught.  And one is scott free being funded by taxpayer dollars.

Jul 19th - 21:56pm | Rick B.

I wish her all the best in a difficult situation.

Jul 19th - 21:38pm | Julie, tucson

Good luck with your battle!  Proud that you are brave enough to take on such an enormous responsibility! 

Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road, Not A Good Place For Vertigo

Jul 19th - 23:41pm | Karen

Oh "flatlander", I feel your pain. I'm back in my hotel after a similar experience today. I knew I was scared of heights, but I had no idea it would be this bad. I got numbness in my hands and came very close to a full-blown panic attack, including some illogical thoughts of getting out of my car in the middle of the road and paying somebody else to drive it down without me.

Exploring The Parks: A Visit To The Harry S Truman National Historic Site

Jul 19th - 20:08pm | Steve Nelson

Kurt - from the article - "Secret Service protection was provided following the "assignation" of President John Kennedy."  Is that a Freudian slip or what? This is the funniest thing I have ever seen on this site!    

Great Basin National Park Campers Will Be Challenged This Summer

Jul 19th - 11:19am | ecbuck

Perhaps because that is what your want to hear.  But the sound is actually someone questioning the sense of the policy.

Jul 19th - 10:49am | Lee Dalton

Gee, do I hear some echoes of the Great American Entitlement Mentality here?  

Jul 19th - 10:13am | oldbuffalo

Try the Silver Jack Inn and Lectrolux Cafe in Baker, great craft beer selection, and they offer free camping - FREE PRIMITIVE CAMPING - When you make purchases in the restaurant/grocery store which has WI FI access. Just across the street from the restaurant and motel, sited by a stream and in trees, is our free camping.

Jul 19th - 08:02am | ecbuck

I have called the park - as did a rep for  Grey Cliff is the only campground that takes reservations and it has a two night minimum.  Campgrounds fill most weekends and frequently during the week according to the ranger.  Question is, why a two night minimum and why aren't more sites in such a remote area reservable?

Jul 18th - 23:01pm | Lee Dalton

GRBA campsites have always been first come.  But a quick check indicates that may be taking reservations now.  (It's a bit confusing.  Maybe a phone call to the park might help.)  

Jul 18th - 21:44pm | Artemesia

In the past "overflow" campers were allowed to use the large group camping area.  I'd call the park...

Jul 18th - 20:58pm | ecbuck

Best I can tell, there are no concessionaires involved with Grey Cliff or the other campsites, only Lehman Caves and cafe.  Was told by that it was NPS policy. 

Jul 18th - 19:41pm | Rick B.

Probably decisions made by the job creators who own the concessions.

Jul 18th - 15:30pm | ecbuck

If that is not bad enough, the only campground that takes reservations is Grey Cliff, the least developed of the campgrounds.  Even worse, there is a two night minimum.  I am trying to stay there on my way back from Yosemite in August.  The day before I want to arrive is open but not the day after.  Therefore there is no way I can make a reservation that will be held.

Scientist’s Research On Dark Skies Above National Parks Aids In Study Of Light Pollution

Jul 19th - 10:39am | Owen Hoffman

This is a very important article.  I am very happy to see the NPS promoting the night sky as a park resource worthy of protection and interpretation.

Star Party Coming To Fossil Butte National Monument In August

Jul 19th - 10:24am | Owen Hoffman

I am thrilled to see the NPS actively promoting the night sky as a park resource in areas of the East and West.  This coming Saturday, July 23rd, the Obed Wild and Scenic River will host a public star gazing program at Nemo Bridge across the Emory River near Wartburg, TN (beginning at 9:30 PM).

Discovery Channel Version Of NPS Mystery Also Offers A Challenge For Sharp-Eyed Viewers

Jul 19th - 07:31am | Jeff Moser

Besides the gun being a Glock semi-automatic instead of a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver, in the clip the weapon was shown ipointed it different directions before being removed.

Jul 19th - 07:17am | Jeff Moser

His gun was a .357 magnum revolver, not a Glock semi-automatic pistol.

Entrance Fees Generate Hundreds of Millions of Dollars A Year for National Park Service

Jul 18th - 20:40pm | El caption

To valley camper point yes you are correct  and the park left the campground in a wreck with the restrooms rotting away for years after the 1997 flood terrible, a waste of "our monies" it was very dangerous just to walk thru that deserted camp ground accross from houskeeping  what a rip off! 

Why Dry Tortugas National Park Should Be At The Top Of Your Bucket List

Jul 18th - 17:44pm | Rangerskip

I visited the Park back in the early 1990's. It is one of the most incredible locations on the planet. It is out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by beautiful blue green waters. And when you realize just how challenging it had to be in order to build the impressive brick fort, you become awestruck. A definite bucket list but I did not know it at the time. 

Ruminating On Interior Appropriations, Bishop's PLI, And Political Convention Platforms

Jul 17th - 21:15pm | Lee Dalton

It's the ideologic rationalization and blind denial by people like our Esteemed Comrade that enables the dishonesty and crooked dealings of our political hacks.  I keep hoping that some day enough people will wake up and realize what's actually happening and then begin to take action -- on election day -- to put an end to it.

Jul 17th - 16:04pm | Alfred Runte

Lucky for you, EC, every time I have been called in for jury duty, I have been dismissed the moment I divulged my Ph.D. The coffee and doughnuts were good, however.

Jul 17th - 15:50pm | ecbuck

As a historian, I have pieced together a good many paper trails suggesting untold pressures on our national parks And no doubt they exist.  But the fact they exist doesn't mean they are present in every case. I prefer waiting until I have evidence before making accusations.  Again, I hope you stay away from the jury box.  

Jul 17th - 15:39pm | Alfred Runte

I love it, EC, when you prove that ideology trumps history all the time. Perish the thought that people of influence and power would ever stoop to use it! I believe that history book begins: "Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a good and loving king who never liked wearing clothes. All he asked of his subjects was to allow him to sit naked on the throne.

Jul 17th - 13:42pm | Threeful

I suspect you are not familiar with college educational system.  Most of the primary course books or additional course books required by my professors, were written by them.  There is a saying in university academia, "publish or perish".   She should not be condemned for publishing a that is a requirement.

Scofflaws Piloting Drones In The National Park System

Jul 17th - 13:55pm | Kurt Repanshek

Jul 17th - 12:36pm | Lee Dalton

After air operations at a current fire in Utah were shut down more than five times by drones, the Utah legislature passed an emergency bill authorizing law enforcement officers, both state and Federal, to knock drones out of the sky by blocking their control frequencies or by using a device that will lead officers to the controller in the scofflaw's hands.

Jul 17th - 12:19pm | Rick B.

ChrisF - the Department of the Interior IS a federal agency. I'm afraid I'm not going to take your personal declaration that they have no authority over their lands.

OIG: National Park Service Director Skirted Ethics Office In Writing Book, Reprimanded

Jul 17th - 13:53pm | C. Hartman

I disagree.   The Director is fully aware because of his position of the legal requirements, and admittedly skirted them because he thought they would take too long to get approval.  He also lied about it being his idea, and lied about using the govt. computer to write it.   He should be removed from office.....

Pruning the Parks: Castle Pinckney National Monument (1933-1956)

Jul 17th - 13:17pm | Carolyn William...

My mother Carrie Hilton Williamson lived on Castle Pinkney from 1916 to 1926. She lived there with her family Father Thomas Alexander Hilton, mother Maggie Balentine Hilton, half brother Julian Bunch and brothers Eugene and David.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide